Mainstream is proud to announce its partnership with IFT to bring Cliniweave® antimicrobial technology to the Home and Hospitality market. Mainstream is the exclusive manufacturer of Cliniweave® treated product for Home textiles.

The primary benefit of Cliniweave® is its unrivalled ability to control microbial growth (hold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and algae) by providing long-term effective control of micro-organisms on the product and thus promotes the effective life of the product. It is completely durable to wash and is not destroyed by repeated cleaning. Its efficacy and safety has been documented in numerous peer reviewed publications, trade articles and certified tests.

This cutting edge technology controls odor-causing bacteria, ensuring lasting freshness. It creates safe, effective and consistent protection against unpleasant odors. This multi-billion dollar market includes applications in Kitchen, Bath, Bedding, Mattress Protection, Pet and Automotive sectors of the business.