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Our journey began in 2009 when we started Mainstream International, the very first direct import only home textile company. We are design and trend enthusiasts with worldwide manufacturing expertise focusing on Kitchen, Table, Bath, Beach and Bedding. Built originally on private label production, Mainstream is proud to now have several brand licenses with aggressive plans to expand our portfolio in the future. We are a team of extremely passionate and driven individuals that are constantly striving to give our customers the absolute best in home textiles.

- David and Carmelita, Founders

Mainstream International is a multinational company founded by industry veterans with a vision for a better, faster, more cost-effective way to source home textiles. The company’s unique business model allows customers access to trend, design and product development along with low cost, ethically compliant factories overseas. This combination of design and manufacturing is unique to the industry. 


Mainstream International has become the leader in Home Textile private label manufacturing. From product development, design, manufacturing, quality control, and overseas distribution, Mainstream continues to redefine private label manufacturing. 


Our products for the home include kitchen, table, bath, beach and bedding. Within these categories, Mainstream services over 27,000 doors each month. Product manufactured by Mainstream can be found at Mass, Specialty, Clubs and Department stores. 


Not resting on its laurels, Mainstream continues to invest in its infrastructure worldwide. From state of the art CAD printing in its headquarters in New Jersey to an expanded Shanghai office to include comprehensive testing and compliance departments, Mainstream has positioned itself to remain an industry leader.

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